Lyrics to Inspire, Melodies to Unite, STAGE is our Dharma Way!

Bodhi Buddhist Fellowship Malaysia (BBFM)

In 1988, under the aspirations of a group of Buddhist undergraduate students led by Brother Yeap Keng Hwa and Brother Teo Hee Chao, the Bodhi Buddhist Fellowship Malaysia (BBFM) was established, dedicating its passion, determination, and vow in spreading the seeds of Dharma through hymns. In October 1998, BBFM applied for registration with the Registrar of Societies (ROS) and was named “Bodhi KL” to reflect local needs. In 2018, due to serendipitous conditions, it was renamed to “Bodhi Buddhist Fellowship Malaysia”, embarking on a new milestone as it expanded from a local organization to encompass all of Malaysia.

Over the course of 35 years, BBFM has upheld its mission of propagating the Dharma through hymns, guided by the belief that “Lyrics to Inspire, Melodies to Unite, STAGE is our Dharma Way!” BBFM has organized a series of Hymns Dharmaduta concerts for the past 30 years, from “Refuge in the Triple Gem” in 1999, up to the most recent concert “Stage! Our Dharma Way’‘ in 2023, showcased the dynamism of youth while maintained the solemnity of Buddhism, ensuring that the Dharma’s melodious teachings continue to flow gracefully in the world.

For 35 uninterrupted years, BBFM has conducted its signature Friday gathering: “A Date with Bodhi”, for individuals from all walks of life to be embraced in the arms of Dharma and feel the warmth of belonging. Through the integration of Hymn sharing and Dharma talks, as well as various thematic discussions and cultural activities, participants engage in heart-to-heart interaction, establishing a connection with the Dharma and enhancing the quality of their lives.

Furthermore, BBFM’s foundation lies in nurturing individuals dedicated to propagating Buddhism. From 2019 to the present, BBFM has conducted a series of programs including “Dharma Pals Study Group“, “Dharma Foundation Course“, “Dharma Propagators Training Course“, “Hymns Dharmaduta Training Course, “Emcee Training Course ” and “ZCFT(Dharma in Work)“.
In 2022, BBFM produced its first online Buddhist Hymns album titled “Our Hymns Dairy“, making it available on various music platforms for free, allowing people to listen to Buddhist Hymns anytime.

Hymns Dharmaduta Concerts/ Albums

  • Refuge in The Triple Gem Hymns Dharmaduta
  • Sila Samadhi Panna Hymns Dharmaduta
  • Faith Aspirations Action Hymns Dharmaduta
  • The Practice of Samanthabadhra Bodhisattva Hymns Dharmaduta
  • DOiNG Hymns Dharmaduta
  • Our Hymns Diary
  • Stage! Our Dharma Way

New Building Fundraising Project

In 2023, recognizing the inconvenience of the current rented premises (shop-lot on Jalan Sultan) and the need for future development, under the leadership of the current BBFM President Brother Gary, BBFM made the decision to purchase a new venue. A three-storey shop-lot in Ara Damansara, NZX Commercial Centre has been selected as the new BBFM center.

BBFM successfully completed the first phase of fundraising for the new center in October 2023. The second phase fundraising is ongoing, BBFM is actively seeking donations to expedite the completion of the renovation of the new center, providing a comfortable space for Buddhist youth who love music.

Diligently and unwaveringly, BBFM perseveres in its mission to propagate the profound teachings and wisdoms of the Lord Buddha through the strums of a guitar and the resounding amplification of a microphone to benefit all sentient beings.

Because we believe that the STAGE is our Dharma Way!

Singing in Praise of the Buddha

Buddhistdoor Global (BDG), 10/03/2017